BRIDAL ASOEBI:  see how colour blue can be so alluring, such amazing colour can make your day a memorable one . We love and admired this pretty a lady! The colour blend well with her skin colour. 

Blue is everything! We have many other ladies in the house with torch of blue in their attire. 

Check them out! Next time you are shopping go for blue colour.


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Fashion blogger,beauty and style consultant.I love to write,to share valuable information on latest trends.I'm everything about fashion. Love to share my experiences.

3 thoughts on “ASOEBI BRIDE

  1. Amalia

    Hello ma, I just found this page yesterday and until today I went through all your posts! I love it! I am just starting to be interested in Ankara fashion, but my body type it doesn’t really allow me to use all type of dresses. Too sad for me, that’s why I was thinking that maybe you can enlighten me a little bit. I’m from Spain but currently living in Denmark. Hope you won’t mind to help me a little bit. Do you have instagram? It would be easier for me to follow your posts if so. Thanks so much for all the info, good job!

    • dupzy Post author

      Hello dear Amalia,your body type has is own style that can fit you.if you have like any of our style here send the picture to me,i will get you the style with our creative IG account is @asoebibest.


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